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Remote Support

How does remote support work?

We use TeamViewer software to securely connect onto your PC over the internet and either watch what you do or (with your permission) take control of your PC and quickly diagnose and resolve your issues.

The only requirement for this connection is a PC with an internet connection, we can do the rest.

How can i take advantage of remote support?

All our customers are able to request remote assistance, regardless of what support contract you take out with us. Some customers choose to take out a Remote Only retainer to provide assistance without the need for site visits. To compare our IT support options please click here.

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Kinetic ICT Solutions are an IT Support company based in Mansfield ,Nottinghamshire, UK. We offer Retained IT Support, Pay as you go IT Support, Remote IT Support services to cover PC’s servers and Network Hardware & Software, Cloud Services, Web Design, Web Development, Email Marketing to small and medium sized companies throughout the East Midlands.