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Hardware - upgrades to make a real difference

Posted by: Kinetic on 31 August 2011

Many users experience frustration as their PC’s and laptops slow down with updates, new versions of software, antivirus etc. Memory upgrades often help noticeably but for laptop users there hasn’t, until relatively recently, been much scope for upgrade in other areas without splashing out similar money to a new machine.

So what other options are there?

Solid State Drives (SSD) are now well worth considering when it comes to upgrade time. Traditional hard drives use high speed spinning platters to store information and are limited by the RPM and the moving parts that slide across them. This isn’t the case with SSD’s which store information in memory chips, making them quicker, quieter and far less thirsty with valuable battery power.


Solid State Drives (SSD)

Are there any draw backs?

The cost is considerably higher than traditional hard drives and there are concerns raised over the limited number of times you can write to each cell on the drives.

We have installed a number of SSD’s for clients who are delighted with the increased performance. We are also monitoring the health of the drives to find out more about any problems relating to the lifespan. So far the monitoring done by users of these drives (using SSD life shows that the estimated life is somewhere between 8 & 10 years, far longer than we would have anticipated.

Don't just take our word for it, to find out more please click below to read the PC pro feature (and some of the reader comments):


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