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What is the cloud?

Posted by: Kinetic on 31 January 2012

Hopefully everyone has a fair idea now but, in basic terms the “cloud” is provision of computing resources as a service (usually via the internet) to end users who interact using a number of different software programs and devices.

Many people are already using cloud services under different names and have been for some time.


How you can benefit from the cloud?

The cloud allows you to use resources that would, in other cases, require significant outlay on equipment and software. Spreading or reducing the cost can be the main driver for change. The cost of adding new users to a system can easily be budgeted as a staged increase to monthly costs.

Let someone else deal with your IT problems. Server hardware upgrades & software updates can allow greater time to concentrate on more important matters.

Mobile working can be transformed. With online data and multiple devices able to connect there is no reason why you should ever be out of touch.

Are there any drawbacks?

Data housed off-site and security breaches are a common concern. There is always a possibility of this as has been the case previously in banking systems and large companies with teams of IT staff. It is important to remember that business servers and routing equipment, even installed using best practice, by professionals does not guarantee safety or security.

Dependence on a fast reliable internet connection can be a problem. Many companies with in house servers can continue to work without internet on local data for some time. The cloud does have sync options to assist with this but there is no internal email or collaboration at this point.

If you would like to learn more about cloud services or how they can change your business, please contact us


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